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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lassa Draws Crowd in Wisconsin Rapids-Union Leader Comments

Article in WI Rapids Tribune:
Sen. Lassa gives Anti-Walker speech in Rapids:
See @ and click on "video" page!

Marshfield Union Leader Comments:


8:39 PM on March 16, 2011
It never ceases to amaze me that other then a bunch of nameless cowards hiding behind computers making their comments, no one seems to come out in public to support this change that "the majority supports".
700 people show up at a rally in Madison to show support for Walker. 700 marched Marshfield to oppose him.
2000 people show up last night in Wisconsin Rapids to support Lassa and oppose Walker- the walker supporters were where? All 8 of you had to stay home to type your little nasty comments of support from home?
Over 100,000 people, some estimates as high as 185,000 people were in Madison last week to welcome the 14 Senators home. Those Senators did something Walker and his 18 Senators can not do. They walked among the people that voted them into office with their heads held high. They were cheered and they walked up the steps of the capitol among the people they represent.
It was a sight to behold, knowing the ones ramming this bill thru need to enter the capitol thru steam tunnels and with guards at their sides.

wizpwr, have you even read the bill? Do you even have a clue what it all entails? If you do then get off your high horse of making this exclusively a union issue. A person that has a half ounce of brain knows it goes far beyond unions and stripping collective bargaining.
Now the idiot (Walker) is trying to already shift the blame for his failure on the local governments that he tried to dictate policy to. He is placing blame on local government for choosing to treat their employees with dignity and respect, something he himself has never received (except from his keyboard cowards).

God gave you a brain-I suggest you use it.

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