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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Milk Police

Federal agents and fully armed local police teamed up for a major raid.
They stormed the complex weapons drawn, ready to take out anyone that dare to stand in their way.
They found what they were looking for--white stuff that must be destroyed to keep the people of America safe.
The operators of this illegal operation where arrested and have been charged with several counts of conspiracy and processing of illegal goods.
Sounds like a major drug bust, right?
Wrong.  The dangerous good that was being sold was simply milk.
Raw milk is a threat to the agriculture milk industry and thus they are using the government to take down anyone who dare drink it.
This same thing is happening in Wisconsin.  Not on this level yet, but many people have been arrested for providing Wisconsin citizens with raw milk.
If you have not already, click here to sign the petition to demand that raw milk be legalized in Wisconsin and consider donating $50, $25, or $10 to support the coming fight for raw milk.
People should have the right to consume what they choose.  If they decide to drink raw milk and eat natural foods, that should be their choice--NOT the government’s.

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