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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prosser Recount Needs Volunteers!!!!

via Mojgan Hall
The people who are working on the Prosser recount really need help.

There are often up to 12 poll workers counting ballots. Each one of them needs to have a Prosser advocate watch them count the ballots to make sure none of the Prosser ballots end up in the Kloppenburg pile.

Kloppenburg has volunteers falling over each other. We need more people to come forward for Prosser. Please help get the word out and get down there to give these Prosser volunteers some help!

Some of our people are working 12 hour days since the recount started and they are getting burned out. They need volunteers to do the easy job of counting. They will do the heavy lifting part of reporting numbers and making objections if needed. The job just requires standing and looking at ballots. It could not be easier.

They need help Sat, Sun, Monday, Tuesday. 8 AM to 8 PM Room 354 City County Building at 210 Martin Luther King Blvd. MJ is coordinating volunteers. She can be reached at 849-8544. Please leave a message for her. Sat. we need help from 2pm-8pm.

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