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Monday, April 16, 2012

#ToddWelch #3rdDistricCaucus Speeches, #ElectedDelegate

Todd Welch's 3rd district caucus speeches, 4-14-12. Warrens, WI. Todd lost the 3rd District vice-chair election, but was elected as 1 of 3 3rd District national delegates to attend the GOP national convention in Tampa, FL. Congrats Todd!

Since Rick Santorum won WI District 3, the district's 3 delegates are bound to Santorum per WI rules. Since Santorum has suspended (ended) his campaign, he will likely release his delegates before the national convention. Once released, any Santorum delegates are free to vote for the candidate of their choice in Tampa.

At large delegates (delegates not elected in WI's district caucuses) are bound to Romney since he won the state overall.

Sorry for the shaky video and audio quality, it's off an iPhone.




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