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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This is like the fundraising email that went around that I and the Koch-Heads were raising several hundred thousand dollars to recall Julie Lassa. Not to mention, the file cabinet that mysteriously returned, after I said I was thinking about reporting it stolen...this statement was provoked when Eric Ming tried to imply that I was involved with criminals. 

Like it says in the title: It Doesn't PAY to be HONEST, DOES

Then I see this from Russ Feingold, A guy I thought was a little different when it came to CORPORATISM, because of his voting record on TARP, Auditing the FED and being the only Senator to vote against the PATRIOT Act...until this...I can see he can be bought off, too. It is good thing we have a more principled senator like Rand Paul fighting the PATRIOT ACT and the Federal Reserve in there now! We need more of 'em like RAND!!

Please see this fundraiser by the author of McCain-Feingold:

In just a few days, we've raised more than $85,000 for the nine Democrats in Wisconsin's recall elections.
But the vote is less than six weeks away. A short six-week campaign means we need to be sure our candidates are funded and organized right now.
This election is critical to stopping Governor Scott Walker from inflicting any more harm on Wisconsinworkers and families.
With your help, Progressives United will support every single Democratic candidate on the ballot in July. We only need to elect three new state senators to stop Scott Walker's radical agenda.
Thank you for uniting as a progressive,

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