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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

AP Reporting Calls For G.A.B. Head's Head

Recall groups say election head must resign

The Associated Press | Posted: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 12:00 pm

"MADISON, Wis. - Recall groups targeting three Democratic lawmakers are calling on a state elections official to resign. They're upset after his state election board delayed a final decision on the groups' three petitions.
The groups' representatives said Tuesday that Government Accountability Board Director Kevin Kennedy should step down. They claim the board's decision to put off the petitions is politically motivated and in violation of a court order to decide all petitions by June 3.
Kennedy has dismissed the criticism. He says his record as the state's election officer `speaks for itself.'
The board's staff says they need more time to review complex legal challenges to the petitions, which claim fraud was employed in gathering recall signatures. They plan to seek an extension from a circuit court this week."

~Quoted from the Associated Press


kendricc said...

As you can see..the court, Secretary of State LaFollette, and the G.A.B. are all siding with unions. It's pretty disgusting when the majority voted for conservative fiscal change, but the left is dictating.

Scott Kenneth Noble said...

Fiscal Conservatives are at the mercy of the "progressives" in key positions. Recall LaFollette? It appears there needs to be some replacements at the G.A.B. as well...