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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Marshfield Area Rep. Scott Suder's Capitol Update

Friday, December 2, 2011
Creating 1000's of Jobs for 
Generations of Wisconsin Workers...
One year into the 2011-12 Legislative Session, I know that citizens across Wisconsin 
still want jobs, 
jobs and more jobs.
Assembly Republicans have heard that call, and that is why we are committed to passing mining legislation
that will bring thousands of jobs to communities across Wisconsin.
Speaker Fitzgerald announced this week that the Committee on Jobs, Economy and Small Business
will be introducing and holding a hearing on mining legislation in December that has the potential
to be a game-changer for our economy.
Highlights include: 
  • The creation of 3,000 + construction jobs and a $2 Billion short-term economic impact 
  • on Wisconsin’s economy;
  • the creation of between 2,800 and 5,600 long-term mining jobs and a $600 Million 
  • to $1.2 Billion annual impact on Wisconsin’s economy;
  • an average pay and benefits package for workers of $82,000;
  • and the creation of a reasonable permitting process and timeline that 
  • doesn’t compromise environmental integrity.
For an example of how important it is for our economy that we update our outdated
 and archaic mining laws, look no further than Iron County.
Iron County is home to one of the richest iron ore deposits in North America.
Iron County also has the second highest unemployment rate in the state of Wisconsin,
and its population has decreased by almost 14 percent over the last decade.
Thousands of Wisconsin citizens are starving for work, and we have the opportunity
to provide them with good-paying, family-sustaining jobs that will last for generations.
Iron County will benefit, and so will communities across the state as the demand 
for goods and services increases because of the mine.
We owe it to you and our state to do everything in our power
to get Wisconsin working again.
By passing responsible, environmentally-friendly mining legislation,
we’ll be doing just that.
69th District 
Falls Again
Once again last month, unemployment rates fell in counties across the 69th Assembly District.
Clark County's rate fell to 6.8 percent; Chippewa fell to 6.2 percent; Eau Claire fell to 5.8 percent; 
Marathon fell to 6.8 percent; and Wood fell to 6.5 percent.
These numbers are more proof that our plan for Wisconsin's economy is working.
In the weeks and months ahead, we will remain focused on passing pro-growth, 
job-creation legislation like the mining bill that all of Wisconsin will benefit from.
Business Leaders 
Approve of 
Our Agenda
This fall, Chamber of Commerce executives from across Wisconsin were surveyed by
Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce to get a sense of our state’s business climate.
The results are promising.
74 percent surveyed said they believe that Wisconsin is on the right track,
and two-thirds of respondents expect at least moderate growth in their communities.
Just one year ago, things were completely opposite
—74 percent of respondents believed our state was on the wrong track. 
In 2009, just 18 percent of executives thought
Wisconsin’s business climate was improving.
Again, our plan is working...
Pension and Benefit Reforms 
Expected to Save 
Additional $155 Million
The free-market health care forum HCTrends has released a study that shows
Wisconsin taxpayers will save approximately $155 Million next year as a result
of the pension and benefit reforms Assembly Republicans championed earlier this session.
According to Dave Jensen, editorial director of HCTrends, approximately $90 million,
will be realized as state employees pay a greater share of the premium costs; however,
taxpayers will save an additional $65 million due to a new requirement that state employees
pay 10 percent of their medical costs up to an out-of-pocket maximum of $500 for individuals
and $1,000 for families.
More good news for you, the taxpayer! Keep in Touch!
As always I welcome your input and feedback on these issues.  
Please feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have 
on these topics or any other legislative issues that may be of concern.  
Your correspondence is important and appreciated, so please keep in touch!
Have a great week 
and thanks for reading!

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