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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Walker Supporter Files Recall Against Walker

"A recall committee formed by one of his own supporters will give Gov. Scott Walker a valuable fundraising headstart on his main recall opponents. David Brandt of Muskego filed a recall petition Friday with the state Government Accountability Board, under the committee name 'Close Friends to Recall Walker.' Brandt, along with Bettie Brandt, both listed as living at 17176 W. College Ave., donated a total of $238 to Walker since September 2010. The unusual move of having a supporter file recall paperwork immediately angered Walker opponents, who suspected it was made to give the governor a chance to begin raising money before organizers begin their actual recall campaign. Officials with GAB confirmed Friday that the formation of Brandt's committee would allow Walker to begin fundraising now, a full 11 days before the Democratic Party of Wisconsin had planned to officially start the recall effort Nov. 15."
Read more in the Marshfield News-Herald:|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

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