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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keynesian Bubbles Have Not, Cannot Work

Krugman is wrong.

     Keynesian Bubbles have not/cannot work. We need to listen to the other schools of thought that have correctly diagnosed our problems and are not at all surprised because they predicted them. The massive drain has a lot more to do with Fictional Reserve Banking, Mark to Market Accounting/Generally "Accepted" Accounting Tricks, Casino Derivatives/credit default swaps/collateralized debt obligations and just having private banking cartels conjure money out of nothing. Paying 444 billion a year of interest on nothing (not to mention the amount to pay the interest with is not "created") is never mentioned as an alternative. 
Why not eliminate the 1.6 Trillion that was printed/typed in a computer out of thin air?

Why is it Grandma and the Disabled that are on the target board first!?

1.5 Quadrillion dollars (strange, I know, 1,500 Trillion) was bet on black in the worldwide, fraudulent derivatives casino and red won. Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act was a colossal mistake. Ask Greece or some other already imploded economy...We are not far behind. We need to get away from the warfare/corporate welfare cronyism and get back to Sound Money for the benefit of "We the People" or it is going to get messy I'm afraid.

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