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Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing you Dad on Father's Day - 2011

This original song was written (lyrics and music), played, sang and recorded by my wife, Jean Kelley Noble. It is called "Distant Train" and the recording is the original from 1983. It is a gripping tribute to a man she very much loved and respected...her father, Fritz Kelley. Video was also done by her with pictures, imovie and talent for that sort of thing...

Uploaded by on Jun 19, 2011
My father would be 101 this year if he were alive. I admire Fritz very much. This is just a small story of his life but, I wanted to record something that would help us (his family) remember.

The song is mine, written and recorded in 1983 shortly before he died called "Distant Train" - Jean Noble.




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