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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is in the New WI Gun Bill?

SB-93 is now out of committee and headed to the full senate. See the comments for what is/isn't in the bill.
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    • Hubert Hoffman 
      This is as the bill is now, keep in mind there is a LONG way to go. We didn't loose any ground, we gave up nothing, we didn't have to comprimise.

      1. Everywhere we can OC today (without permit) we would be able to CC.

      2. We gained vehicle c
      arry (no longer needs to be unloaded or encased).

      3. We improved bar carry (no longer need permission first).

      4. Governmnet buildings (still prohibited). We didn't get the lock boxes, so it doesn't appear you will be able to carry going to/from government buildings regardles if you have the permit/license (Same as today).

      5. We gained state parks (handguns only) and via 66.0409 all county/city/village/town parks.

      All of the above is without permit or mandated training.

      6. School zones remain (unloaded and encased) but now there is a permit available for school zones (no mandated training).

      Will there be reciprocity and with whom? Unknown, the DOJ would need to work that out AFTER the governor signes it. Would Wisconsin Residents who have a UT, FL, MN, or some other non-resident permit be able to carry in school zones under their current permit? Unknown, for Wisconsin law, we are trying to get an answer on that. NO for Federal Law. Per FEDERAL LAW, you MUST have a license from the state the school is located in.

      This IS a good bill. It IS a big step forward, and I encourage all my FB friends and WCI members to support this legislation. Please call those who support/voted for this bill and tell them THANK YOU! Please call those State Senators and Assembly persons who haven't signed on to the bill yet, and ASK THEM nicely to support the current version of SB-93.

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