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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Would City Clerk John Moe (Lassa's husband) PLEASE CLARIFY?

Latest on Lassa Recall and related matter....

Please print out, sign and get 9 more signatures from friends, neighbors and relatives.

Then send completed petitions to:

Lassa Recall Petition Collection Center
@ Marshfield Professional Center
c/o Scott K. Noble
1905 S. Central Ave. (Across from Hefko Pool)
Marshfield, WI 54449

They will be delivered by me personally on May 16th.


Stevens Point Politics?

What about this website posted by a Stevens Point Democrat?

Should there be an investigation?

Stevens Point Water and Sewer Department Director Kim Halverson (Mother of City of Stevens Point Mayor Andrew Halverson) should be immediately fired for releasing private information on Mike Wiza to help her Mayor Son in his re election efforts.

Also, Does City Clerk John Moe (husband of Sen. Lassa) have a conflict of interest here? Just asking...

Article in Stevens Point Journal:

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