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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bohon Supports Union Agenda

"This is a question about money -- that's a question that really can't be answered until we know what's come to us," said Binder, who added he thinks 4-year-olds are too young to start school.
Bohon said she feels Marshfield should continue to offer 4K because the district receives state funding for each student enrolled in the program and eliminating it would mean curriculum changes in subsequent grades. She also supported continuing to fund the AP program.
"The AP classes have really helped us achieve a level of excellence that I would not want to lose," Bohon said.
"I'm a firm advocate of kindergarten," she said. "It's not naptime anymore in kindergarten -- our kids are learning to read."
Layoffs, which were
previously governed by a "last in-first out" seniority policy, might change after passage of a state bill limiting collective bargaining for public unions, Warren said. He asked the candidates whether the School Board's policy should be adjusted.
"If the court upholds the current bill ... we will be going into the future without a master agreement with our staff," Bohon said.
She said a policy change would have to be decided by the whole board.
Binder said the uncertainty of the state budget makes it difficult to predict whether layoffs would be necessary, but it's a decision no one likes to make.

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