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Monday, May 7, 2012

#Ron #Paul #Says #Wisconsin #Gov. #Scott #Walker #Making #Positive #Changes

Source: Associated Press
                                                        Posted:   03/29/2012 12:01:00 AM CDT

                                                       Updated:   03/30/2012 01:56:01 AM CDT

MADISON, Wis. - "Republican Texas Rep. Ron Paul used his only planned campaign stop in Wisconsin on Thursday to speak to a receptive crowd largely composed of college students who braved chilly temperatures to cheer on his message of personal liberty on the campus of the University of Wisconsin.
With temperatures in the mid-40s, Paul urged a couple thousand supporters outside the student union not to give up before Tuesday's primary. Paul said at a similar stop Wednesday at the University of Maryland that he has no plans to drop out of the presidential race even though he is running a distant fourth.
The Wisconsin crowd rewarded him with cheers of 'President Paul!'
Playing to the Wisconsin crowd, Paul said he was so committed to personal liberty, 'I would even let you drink raw milk if you wanted to.' Whether to legalize the sale and use of raw milk has been an ongoing debate in Wisconsin, which is nicknamed 'America's Dairyland.'
After his comments, Paul praised embattled Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who faces a recall election after effectively ending collective bargaining last year for most public workers.
'He's trying hard to change things, I think, in a positive way,' Paul said...
While the 76-year-old Paul has appealed to young people, that support has not translated into a surge at the polls. Exemplifying his challenge were two high school classmates who drove about two hours from northern Illinois to hear the speech in Madison...
Still, they held out hope that Paul could prevail in the GOP primary where former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is leading but has not captured enough delegates to clinch.
'I don't think anybody's going to get the nomination at this point,' said Kevin Mulcrone, of Western Springs, Ill., who leads his high school chapter of young people for Paul. 'I think we'll have a good brokered convention in August.;
Echoing that sentiment was Sal Strehlow, 28, a banker from Milwaukee who said he planned to vote for Paul and hoped he'd find a way to pull out the nomination.
'I don't think you can give up hope until it's over," he said...."

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