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Friday, April 27, 2012

#Marshfield #School #District #Does #Not #Respond to #Concerned #Citizen

"Marshfield School Board on Thursday approved a response letter to a local citizen who has alleged the school district isn’t following its policies related to competitive bidding..."
Headline to this article reads: "Marshfield School District Repsonds to Concerned Citizen." 

This has to be one of the most misleading headlines this paper has ever printed. I was at this meeting and the concerned citizens were not allowed to comment, much less hear what was written in the letter. This includes the citizen that brought forward the complaint.

"...John Nikolai, a town of McMillan resident and owner of a local electric company, has also said district officials haven’t properly followed Wisconsin law regarding release of public records.

An official letter responding to Nikolai was finalized at Thursday night’s school board meeting. The school district provided the letter to the News-Herald Friday morning.
The letter, signed by Board President Tim Deets, said each board member received a packet of information and documentation from Nikolai.
'The board has reviewed the documentation provided and has concluded the district administration has fulfilled the open record requests with all available documents in compliance with the Wisconsin public record laws,' Deets said in the letter. 'The board appreciates your interest in sharing these concerns related to the operations of the Marshfield School District.'
The letter doesn’t specifically address Nikolai’s concerns about bidding of projects.
Nikolai, reached by phone Friday morning, declined to comment since he hadn’t yet seen the letter.
Return to the News-Herald’s website and read tomorrow’s newspaper for more information."
Source: Marshfield New-Herald

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