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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Governor's State of the State Address ~ Watch here:

Watch here:
Governor Walker will be presented his important State of the State Address....
For folks that might not be aware, the 2012 Legislative Session will be winding down in May.  Approximately 900+ bills have been introduced so far.  (See the Floor Calendar attached.)
In addition to the Governor's new website detailed below, here are other legislative websites that might be of interest to you:
Legislative Hotline:  1-800-362-9472
Legislative Committee Calendar for Public Hearings/Meetings:
Copies of All Bills, Bill Histories, Fiscal Estimates, Amendments, etc (see lower left corner):
2011-2012 Blue Book -


drizzit said...

What channel do we get to watch the Governor of the year on at 7:00pm?

Scott Kenneth Noble said...