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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tomah City Council Discusses the PATRIOT Act ~ Updated Statement by Alderman Who Fights for Liberty

Update Video of Resolution proposal: "Amplifier" Blog: Activist and Councilman Team Up to Water the Withered Tree of Liberty in Tomah
 I saw this article posted by a friend over in Tomah, Biff Hause, and I got to thinking about the politcal landscape of Tomah with the huge legacy being left on that particular City Council because of the formidable presence of (former Tomah Mayor) Ed Thompson. It is feasible for a local official to uphold the Consitution and when I was on the Marshfield Common Council I had to swear to do just that. 
How could I have done this and not stood up for the 4th Amendment?!

via Matthew Boyea FB post, he wrote: 
"I intend to print a copy of the 2010 Wisconsin Homeland Security Report and highlight every issue that mentions local level. I would also like to cross reference that report and link it to the Patriot Act and all issues of rights and privacy. The amount of grant money being dumped into our police and local levels is amazing. All I here for feedback is 'It's a freebie let's take it.' Sacrificing freedom is never free."

  Read in the Tomah Journal, click hereTomah City Council Discusses the PATRIOT ACT

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