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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stevens Point Has Constitutional Rights on Agenda

"Stevens Point Mayor Andrew Halverson said the city in August or September will consider a new ordinance in response to the concealed carry law. He said he believes the ordinance also would ban concealed weapons from all city-owned buildings. 'Our focus is public buildings owned by public entities," Halverson said. He said an ordinance would focus on "the prohibition of weapons in buildings where weapons have no place."

Unfortunately, this guy is going to be lining his bird cage with our Constitution for 4 years...Just got elected!!


The Bull said...

Mr Halverson when is the next election?
If I am not mistaken you took an oath to uphold the constitution of The United States.
If you can not keep the oath step down and let a patriot take your place.
I for one will be doing a door to door to help Mr Wiza.

Scott Kenneth Noble said...

We need to remove any elected official that endangers our precious constitution. That needs to begin @ the city, county and school board levels! Please check out "The County Sheriff: Amerca's Last Hope!"

Anonymous said...

Well strap on your holster and to heck with concealed carry! I think we all need to show criminals that we can take care of ourselves.