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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WI State Superintendent Tony Evers on Broken School Finance System

This guy thinks School-Choice is "morally wrong."

One thing I do not approve of is School Board's borrowing money to pay salaries week-to-week.  That amount of interest needs to be added into any discussion of actual salary cost. Period.

Yes, the system is broke, but State Superintendent Evers has no idea what to do about other than the whole borrow-from-someone-that-doesn't-have-it-either approach.

Now we must rally around our students, schools, and educators 

MADISON — State Superintendent Tony Evers issued the following statement regarding Governor Walker signing 
the 2011-13 budget into law. 

“This budget, now signed into law, makes historic and devastating cuts to public education in Wisconsin. As we 
move forward building Wisconsin’s economy, we must prioritize increased investments in students and their public 
schools. One step we can take that will build a better future is to improve the fairness and transparency of our school 
finance system. It is broken. Before the next state budget in two years, we can fix our school finance system by 
adopting my ‘Fair Funding for Our Future’ recommendations. 
 “Wisconsin has a long and proud tradition of supporting public education, recognizing its important role as 
the foundation of our democracy. Now is the time to raise the level of discourse about public education: our students 
and their schools and educators and the outstanding service they provide to communities throughout Wisconsin. 
Ours is a public education system that leads the nation in high school graduation rates and whose students 
consistently score high marks on college entrance exams and Advanced Placement coursework. 
 “While the negative effects of this 2011-13 budget will be felt well into the future, come September, our 
schools will be filled with children, and our parents, teachers, and administrators will be working to ensure our 
students are prepared to become contributing members of our communities. Once again, our schools and educators 
have been asked to do more with less, and we must all join the effort to ensure their success. I encourage you to get 
involved in your local public schools and libraries, perhaps by volunteering in a classroom; becoming a tutor; or 
attending a play, musical, or athletic event. I invite everyone in Wisconsin, regardless of political affiliation, to join 
me in supporting public schools and libraries.” 

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