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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Save Constitutional Carry

We need you to email and call Senators Galloway, Grothman, Vukmir and Kedzie because
we believe they are the best chance to introduce amendments to restore Constitutional Carry.
Tell them that you are ashamed of the Joint Committee on Finance for voting to frankenstein Constitutional Carry.
They have a chance to make this right Tuesday and be the hero for all Wisconsin gun owners.
To make this right they need to introduce amendments from the floor on Tuesday to remove mandatory permits & mandatory training
Tell them that if they do not work to save Constitutional Carry they will be just as liable for trashing your Constitutional Rights.

Senator Galloway: (608) 266-2502
Senator Grothman: (608) 266-7513
Senator Vukmir: (608) 266-2512
Senator Kedzie: (608) 266-2635,,

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