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Monday, May 30, 2011

Thanks and Insightful Words After Lassa Recall

I just wanted to also say thanks, I definitely convinced some people to just go and do it, time to get involved. I also want to say to those "laughing" at the result of this effort.... laugh while you can, because this was just a warm up.
Many people are getting involved, when before they would just have never thought of it, WE ARE ALL fed up with how things are in our State and in the country, Lassa was just small potatoes, we will prove it to you Democrats, what we can do in 2012. Remember, who laughs last...
May 19 at 2:35pm ·  · 

  • You like this.

    • Lynn Ziehr I totally agree with you Marissa! 2012 is gonna be a changer for the better!
      May 21 at 5:32pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Scott Noble Big time changes coming in 2012. This was a great warm-up...People are fed up and are very engaged! Well said, Marissa and Lynn!

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