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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adams County Activism!

"We had a blast during the ‘picking’, as Jerry says, this morning. Cars and Trucks would blow their horns as they saw us and our signs. Most of them were in our favor, although there were a few thumbs down.
Jerry printed 100 fliers until he ran out of ink in his printer. I printed about 75 and delivered about 50 on the way from Lake Delton to Adams, gave away a few during the ‘picking’ and delivered the balance on our way back to Lake Delton. Estela was a sensation as she had a sign that read: “No More Waste, Debt and Tax Increases, support Governor Walker” We talked to several people most of them in favor of Governor Walker. Estela argued with one who was against Walker and made friends with another Mr. Rober Caldwell from Friendship who said he had never heard of the Republican Party in Adams County. He was surprised when we told him that there was one and that we were reputed to have one of the best, if not the best ‘resolution’ drafters of the Republican party in Wisconsin. He wanted to know where we met and I promised to email him the place and time of the next meeting. (I will do so unless you let me know otherwise). There was another person interested however he didn’t have his email with him. A driver stopped and congratulated us for our courage. He said that we were very brave because we could be shot by some of the Union members.
I talked to a trucker who stopped and told us that he lost his business due to Unions and thanked us for what we were doing. When I gave him a flier about Judge Prosser, he told me that he thought all Judges were just. I explained that I was a retired attorney, and that Estela was also a retired attorney and a teacher and we assured him that not all judges were as wise and experienced as Judge Prosser and that in fact we knew some that were incompetent and outright crooks. (No names were mentioned).
We were treated to coffee and food at Pappa’s Pizza and to a free Roast Pork, drinks and street music (Polish dance with accordion and Percussion and delicacies) at the Deli across the theater, that is now under new management. All in all we think it was a most profitable experience and certainly we gave away over 100 fliers between the picketing and the route between Adams and Lake Delton and all the neighbors.
Estela and I are amazed with Jerry. He is extremely energetic and literally runs with his sign around the area. We think he loves the USA a great deal and is a real conservative and patriot. I am sorry to say however that nobody else showed up and nobody even printed any fliers as far as we know. I (Yvon) am disappointed. However we are printing another round of fliers and will be back probably next week after we coordinated with Jerry. Thank you to C. Rye for printing the flier in PDF format and to Richard and Moses for their comments.
Since there has been no interest, nor any reply either accepting or refusing the offer I made about a website that I mentioned. I have offered it now to a tea party group that seems interested. Once it begins operating I hope you will link want to link the republican page if you still want to."
~In Liberty
Yvon and Estela

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