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Friday, April 29, 2011

via Newsmax - Mass. Dems Turn on 'Stunned' Unions

Even liberal Massachusetts is getting in on the act when it comes to curbing excessive union power.

The Democratic-controlled House voted by 111-42 to strip health care bargaining rights from municipal workers.

Unions fought to stop the bill with radio ads and warnings that legislators could lose union backing at the next election, according to the 
Boston Globe .

“It’s pretty stunning,’’ Robert J. Haynes, president of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO said after the vote.

“These are the same Democrats that all these labor unions elected; the same Democrats who we contributed to in their campaigns; the same Democrats who tell us over and over again that they’re with us, that they believe in collective bargaining, that they believe in unions.

“It’s a done deal for our relationship with the people inside that chamber,” he added.

Democratic House Speaker Robert DeLeo said the move would save $100 million a year across the state. “By spending less on the health care costs of municipal employees, our cities and towns will be able to retain jobs and allot more funding to necessary services like education and public safety,’’ he said.

The measure will now go to the state Senate.

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