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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stevens Point Protesters

From WSAW News:

Dozens of teachers in Stevens Point protested what they call their school board's unwillingness to negotiate Wednesday night.
The labor protests the last few weeks in Madison have gone local. School districts and teachers across the state are racing to reach new contracts before collective bargaining rights expire at the end of the month.
About 150 teachers lined the street outside a special school board session to show solidarity with their teachers union. Representatives involved in contract negotiations say they say they have tried to have contract talks with the school board but it has not showed a willingness to find a deal.
"We made some major offers of concession for our contract and they weren't interested, we're here tonight showing solidarity with our union," said Dave Grabsky, a Science Teacher.
"It doesn't make you feel valued, it doesn't make you feel respected," said Business Teacher Art Greco. "I'm not speaking as an individual, I'm actually speaking from 400-500 members of a union."
The district will face about a $3 million deficit following the state's new budget, and about another million because of higher insurance premiums. Wednesday night they announced plans to only lay off only about two teachers since more than 50 plan to retire.
Dr. Attila Weninger, the district's superintendent, says there were never official negotiations with the union. He said there were discussions, but those have now ended.
The collective bargaining law is set to go into effect on March 26.

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