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Sunday, May 8, 2011


With various recall efforts throughout the state, Vruwink said she doesn't think such efforts are as strong in central Wisconsin as they are in other parts of the state.
Some people might not agree with what happened, but to use the recall process is not the way to address those differences, she said.
Krug agreed, saying he will not sign any recall petitions for any legislator.
"You can't base a recall on one vote. They are meant for gross negligence," Krug said, citing the example of former Rep. Jeff Wood, I-Chippewa Falls, whom the Assembly censured last year for three drunken-driving charges. "I don't think anybody has neglected their duty. Nobody did anything illegal."
One of the 14 Democratic senators who left the state in an attempt to prevent the Senate from obtaining a quorum, Julie Lassa of Stevens Point, said she does not regret the decision because it provided the public enough time to become familiar with the repair bill before its passage.
~WI Rapids Daily Tribune

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